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  • Physical Distancing is key to keeping us all safe. We are all excited to see one another but we ask that when in the building you are being very aware of maintaining safe distancing. This is especially important in or lobby/narthex area.  
  • Masks are Mandatory. Please remember that masks are required on Sunday morning when inside the building.  
  • Dismissal from Worship. Please remember as you leave form worship to wait until everyone behind you has excited the worship space before you stand up and exit.  
  • Contact Tracing is Key. One of the keys to contact tracing is reservations as I mention below but the other key is reporting if you test positive or are exposed. If you do test positive or experience direct exposure please contact Pastor Andrew immediately.    
  • We do have a speaker and FM Tansmitter set up outside so you can drive up, park in the front spots, and listen in the parking lot. You can set up lawn chairs or sit in your car. THIS WILL BE OFFERED AT BOTH WORSHIP TIMES.
  • Sundays we will also continue our LIVE STREAM BOTH of worship services on our Facebook Page and through our Website and Youtube. 
  • We will continue to upload the recording of Sunday Worship to our church website at
  • Preschool Policy and Procedures. We are so excited to have our preschool back up and running safely. We want to assure you that we are working together to make sure that everything is in place for the preschool to be safe as well as continuing to maintain a safe Sunday morning worship experience. If you would like a copy of the Preschool Safety Plan and protocols please drop by the church office anytime to pick that up.