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We will begin a series called “Fresh out of the Box” on January 17th that will take us through to February 7th. In this series we look at the idea of being made new and how we can experience this in the New Year through Gods love and our commitment to discipleship.

Week 1 – January 17: God is offering us a Chance to be new and to be renewed this new year…. He is offering us RENEWAL in 2021! Scripture - John 3:3-7

Week 2 – January 24: With Christ we are not stuck with what we are—but each and every one of us is a new person! Jesus Christ SAYS… “I make all things NEW… YOU CAN HAVE A DO OVER” Scripture - 2 Cor 5:16-17

Week 3 – January 31: You may be in the wasteland of your past, or in a dessert of hurts and bad habits… You don’t have to continue to live that way …. GOD IS MAKING A WAY … Scripture - Ephesians 4:21-24

Week 4 – February 7: (Communion Sunday) We’ve been talking about being made new throughout this series and living into that new life will require passion (zeal, fervency or enthusiasm).Scripture - Romans 12:11-13