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Over the Summer, we will focus on the theme of Passing the Torch. 

We have all seen on the news or in person the passing of the Olympic Torch from one relay runner to the next until the torch is finally lit at the next Olympic site. The “passing of the torch” is a pretty good metaphor for life. One generation must pass the torch to the next. This takes on added significance when we are talking about faith. Each generation has the responsibility to pass on the truth to the next generation. 

Someone is looking up to you! Someone is learning from you! Someone needs you to be an example of discipleship for them! Join us for this powerful series as together we learn how we pass the torch of faith on to the next generation! 

In this 5-part series we will focus on training future generations for kingdom work by examining stories of torches that were passed - from Elijah to Elisha, Abraham and Isaac to Jacob, Naomi to Ruth, Eli to Samuel, and Paul to Timothy. 

We look forward to worshipping with you this summer as we work toward a huge kick off and life returning to a new normal on August 1.